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Sunray Co-op began when three local farmers, Burton Craig, Everett Carter and Arthur Cartrite, decided there was a need for a farmer owned co-op in the area that allowed producers to make collective decisions, with fair pricing and where the members could receive dividends at the end of each year. After much hard work, a lot of faith and only $1,950 the charter for Sunray Co-op was granted on May 8, 1939.

In the early years, the first elevator, A, was built where the current Ag Producers office sits today. Over the next few years, the co-op expanded quickly and elevators B and C were built. The board and members of the co-op were fortunate to see such growth in their business.

Arthur Corse became manager in 1944 and is widely credited for getting Sunray Co-op on track financially. It was during his years as manager that much of the growth of the co-op occurred. As a result of the unexpected growth, Sunray Co-op was able to expand each year both financially and with new storage space, all while returning dividends to their members.

However the new space was still not enough to meet the demands of local producers, therefore elevators D and E were added and the farm store was built to provide additional parts and services for co-op members.

Today, Sunray boasts the longest (length) rural elevator in the state of Texas. Co-op members and the town of Sunray also have access to a large farm and home store, including a lawn and garden center. There is also a full service tire shop on site, adjacent to the farm store.
101 Main Street, Sunray, 79086, Texas,
(806) 948-4121
David Reinders
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