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Hybrid Grain Sorghum
Richardson Seeds has been producing hybrid grain sorghum as long as there has been hybrid sorghum.

Today, Richardson Seeds produces their grain sorghums on the North Plains of Texas. Richardson Seeds has some of the finest isolation to grow grain hybrids for their customers on highly fertile, semi-arid land with an abundance of irrigation water. These factors produce premium quality, vigorous seed, with fewer disease problems.

Forages & Sorghum - Sudangrass
Forages are produced on company owned land near Vega, Texas. This area also offers highly fertile land and a good semi-arid climate, so that high quality, vigorous seed can be produced.

Richardson Seeds has a full line of Forage and Sorghum Sudangrass Hybrids. These hybrids are offered with Brown Mid-rib, photoperiod sensitive, conventional and varying ranges of maturities to satisfy your needs. We can also certify your production if needed.
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