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The history of the Morrison Family involvement in the funeral business in Dumas dates back to 1943 when Morris T. Morrison and his wife Juanita moved to Dumas from Amarillo to work as a Funeral Director for Boxwell Brothers, an Amarillo based funeral home firm. In 1968, Morris Morrison and his two sons, Larry and Jim, purchased the funeral homes in Dumas and Stratford. In 1970 the name was changed to Morrison Funeral Directors. In 1975 the Sunray Funeral Home was purchased by the Morrison Family which established locations in Dumas, Stratford, and Sunray all operating under the name of Morrison Funeral Directors.

The original two-story house that the Morrison family occupied from 1943 to 1962, was a dual purpose structure. The family quarters were upstairs and on the south side of the building downstairs, while the downstairs north side of the building was used as a funeral chapel. The house was originally built in Texline in 1906 as a railroad section house for the Fort Worth and Denver Railroad. The house was moved to Dumas in 1936 from Texline, a distance of 75 miles for $l00.00. Morris and Juanita Morrison moved from the house in 1962 and from then on it served as living quarters and eventually as offices for the funeral home.

Having already built new funeral homes for the Stratford and Sunray locations, the decision was made in 1982 to remodel Morrison Funeral Directors in Dumas and to remove the two-story structure that had been in place for over 46 years. The existing chapel was remodeled, and a new 4200 sq. ft. addition was constructed which contained offices, casket selection room, state rooms, and a new preparation facility. Additional parking facilities were made available with the removal of the two-story structure. After completion of the new facilities, they were dedicated to Morris T. Morrison and Juanita L. Morrison. Mr. Morrison died on April 23, 1987 and Mrs. Morrison died on October 6, 2001.

Morrison Funeral Directors maintains the tradition, the heritage, and we pride ourselves on our service and our dedication to the communities and families we serve.
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